MechSE CARES created to support inclusive atmosphere for all

3/28/2024 Julia Park

Aiming to foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in the department, the goals of the MechSE CARES initiative are to instill attentive listening and understanding, barrier resolution and discrimination response.

Written by Julia Park

two girls talking to each other while sitting at a table.A new resource in MechSE aims to support the department’s efforts to ensure an inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone—students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors to campus.

MechSE CARES, an initiative led by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, hopes to address and resolve any reported incidents related to belonging, discrimination and hate within the MechSE community.  Additionally, a new mechanism has been developed for confidentially disclosing such experiences or concerns.

The MechSE CARES committee has assembled in an effort to actively listen to concerns and gain insights into incidents related to inclusion and belonging; provide an internal resolution process; and, alongside campus-wide offices, offer support for responses to explicit acts of racism, discrimination and hate.

“MechSE and the MechSE CARES committee believes that diversity and unbounded inclusion of our faculty, staff and students are fundamental to our mission of developing engineers who will work together to address major societal challenges,” said Professor Geir Dullerud, Chair of the MechSE CARES and DEI committee.

Learn more about the MechSE CARES initiative, its purpose and committee members.

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This story was published March 28, 2024.