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In addition to the regular courses, M.Eng.ME students can enroll in specialized 500-level courses developed for the M.Eng.ME program.

Examples of 500-level courses designed specifically for M.Eng.ME students


 ME 598: Advanced Robust Control, taught by National Academy of Engineering (NAE) member Dr. Kevin Wise of The Boeing Company and Innovative Control Technologies, LLC. (*students should take Applied Control System Design and Analysis with Aerospace Examples or have permission of instructor prior to enrolling in this class)


 ME 598: Fun with Mechanics, taught by Professor Darrell F. Socie, a scholar in theoretical and applied mechanics and an expert in fracture mechanics and fatigue.  This exciting, applied mechanics two-semester course sequence will be offered Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. [Read more]

ME 598: Applied Control System Design and Analysis with Aerospace Examples, taught by Dr. Kevin Wise of The Boeing Company and Innovative Control Technologies, LLC.


 ME 598: Computational Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes, taught by Professor Emeritus and Research Professor Pratap Vanka, an expert in computational fluid dynamics and computational heat transfer.

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