MechSE Laboratories

MechSE’s wealth of research laboratories allows faculty, graduate and undergraduate research assistants, and postdoctoral and visiting scholars to conduct theoretical and experimental investigations of phenomena related to materials behavior, combustion, micro- and nanomechanical systems, controls and dynamics, thermodynamics, biomechanics, and much more.

Testing Laboratories

MechSE’s research laboratories are valuable resources for industrial and academic partners who require access to state-of-the-art facilities for tension and compression testing of large components and structures; high-temperature; tension-torsion and internal-external pressure testing of small materials samples; rapid prototyping equipment, machine tools, computers, and associated software for design and analysis work; and class 100 and class 10 cleanroom facilities for the fabrication and testing of micro- and nanoscale devices.

Faculty Research Laboratories

This list includes those laboratories run by specific faculty within the department. Select a lab from the list and click its title to view more information about it. The purpose and direction of these labs can change very quickly, sometimes from semester to semester. If you’re interested in more information about a laboratory, you can contact us for more information or email the faculty directly.