Machine Tool Systems Research Lab

The Chao-Trigger Machine Tool Systems Laboratory supports the research activities in the areas of machining and machine tool systems. The lab has a number state-of-the-science general purpose machine tools for milling, turning, drilling, boring, and tapping studies, as well as several special purpose testbeds. The lab has a comprehensive array of sensors and data acquisition equipment that supports research on machine tool cutting dynamics, tool wear and tool life, machining feature part quality, machinability studies, cutting fluid studies, motion control, high speed machining, machining fixture design, process monitoring and control, and innovative machine tool structures.

The lab includes the following general purpose machine tools and testing instrumentation:

  • Okuma MC-4VAE Vertical Machining Center
  • Mori Seiki Frontier L1 Turning Center
  • Mori Seiki TV-30 Milling, Drilling, Tapping Center
  • Bridgeport Discovery 300 Vertical Machining Center
  • Mori Seiki SVD 403 Horizontal Machining Center
  • Mori Seiki SL 154 Turning Center
  • (2) Brown and Sharpe CMMs, Contracer, Nikon Optical System, Talysurf & Talyrond Tooling From Kennametal, Greenfield, Bassett, Precision Twist Drill
  • (5) Kistler Dynamometers; Turning, Drilling/Tapping, Milling
  • (4) PC-Based Data Acquisition Systems
  • Montronix force, torque, etc. monitoring systems Miscel. Accelerometers, Proximity Sensors, etc.

Additional machine tool development testbeds include:

  • Ingersoll Milling Machine Company Variable Speed Spindle Testbed
  • Cutting Fluid Ultrafiltration Testbed
  • Agile/Flexible Fixturing Testbed
  • Open-Architecture Control Process Monitoring Machine Tool Testbed


  • Shiv Gopal Kapoor