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Are you ready to make an impact on the world? The Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering (MechSE) at Illinois is consistently ranked in the Top 10 by U.S. News & World Report, and for good reason! Students from both of our majors— Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering—make a real impact here and abroad. They are solving today’s most pressing technological challenges in energy and the environment, biology and health care, defense and security, transportation, micro-nano technology, design and manufacturing, robotics, and many other areas. Our students gain the problem-solving and communication skills to excel in non-traditional areas like finance, management, business, medicine, and law. 

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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics

Mechanical Science and Engineering. Mechanics is the study of forces that act on bodies and the resultant motion that those bodies experience. 

BS in Engineering Mechanics

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Science and Engineering. Among the most diverse of the engineering fields, mechanical engineering affects almost all aspects of our lives and embraces many areas of specialization

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Enrollment and degree trends

Graph of Undergraduate Enrollments for degrees showing a steady upward trend
Historic MechSE Annual Undergraduate Student Enrollments
Chart showing historic degrees awarded with an upward trend
Historic MechSE Annual Undergraduate Degrees Awarded

For full information on the enrollment by year, students graduated, and many other details of the MechSE department, see http://www.dmi.illinois.edu/cp. To navigate to the program data, select "Engineering" under "Select a Major Unit" and "Mechanical Science & Engr" for "Department." Specific data for students may be found by selecting "Student Data" under "Jump to Data." Enrollment in the program by academic year may be found under item 3660 and students graduated are listed under item 4420 on this web page.

MechSE Department Facts


In the 2022-23 term, the MechSE Department has 934 undergraduate students majoring in Mechanical Engineering; 105 undergraduate students majoring in Engineering Mechanics as provided by the Division of Management Information's Fall 2022 10-day report; 128 graduate students working on master's degrees (42 thesis, 86 non-thesis); and 315 graduate students working on PhD degrees.

Degrees Granted

In 2020, the MechSE Department awarded 208 bachelor of science degrees, with 198 of these in Mechanical Engineering and 21 in Engineering Mechanics; 118 master's degrees; and 52 PhD degrees.


MechSE’s 65+ full-time faculty are all active in research and publish in high-impact journals, such as Science, Nature, Applied Physics Letters, and more. Even more impressive, Engineering at Illinois faculty are ranked first among our peers in the number of publications per faculty. On average, 20 or more of the papers written by senior professors are cited more than 10 times. More than half have received young investigator awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) or Department of Defense.


Research expenditures of $25 million allow faculty and students to advance knowledge in key fundamental areas such as biomechanical sciences, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, applied physics, chemistry, dynamics and controls, computational science and applied math.


MechSE's undergraduate program is currently ranked 7th, and our graduate program is ranked 4th best in the U.S. with a #2 ranked online master's program, according to US News & World Report.

Other Statistics

The median ACT composite score of undergraduate students entering the department was 32.4 in 2020; however, test scores were not required for the 2021 or 2022 admission cycles. You can find other Engineering Mechanics or Mechanical Engineering specific undergraduate program statistics on the Illinois Admissions majors webpage.

Undergraduate Programs Contacts

Academic Advising & Prospective Student Information:

Secondary Fields, Curriculum Modifications/Petitions, Study Abroad:
Stephanie Ott-Monsivais,  ottmonsi@illinois.edu, 217-300-3102

Scholarships, MechSE events, Student Societies: 
Missy Biehl,  mbiehl@illinois.edu, 217-300-0278

MechSE's Undergraduate Programs Office is located in 1056 Lu MEB and open Monday through Friday from 9 am - noon and 1 - 4:30 pm, except from 11 am - noon on Mondays.