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Grainger Engineering at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign now uses an updated Block I logo and Grainger/Illinois wordmark.  Individual units, including MechSE, no longer have individualized logos.  We now "brand up" to The Grainger College of Engineering and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  As a student, faculty, or staff of the university, when you use the Illinois branding, you become part of something greater than a unit, an office or a college. Using the Illinois and Grainger identity connects you to our historic excellence, our legacy of achievement, our system of values, and our vision for global impact. When used effectively and correctly, it unifies and elevates recognition of the Illinois brand.

Click on the links below for all updated campus and department logos, as well as MechSE letterhead (for faculty/staff use only) and a PowerPoint template. 



All previous logos - for campus and for MechSE - are discontinued and should not be used going forward. 


do not use these logos
do not use these logos


To read more about the logos, official updated colors, fonts, and to access campus PowerPoint templates and other resources, visit the campus' marketing website or Grainger Engineering's marketing-communications siteEmail Julia Park in MechSE Communications with any questions.

Please note: 

  • The logos designed and provided by campus are the only ones approved for use; they should not be altered.
  • The "general" MechSE letterhead is the only version faculty and staff are permitted to use, as is, with no alterations to the header or footer. Campus policy is that department heads or unit offices (HR, for example) may have individualized letterhead, but not individual faculty or staff. Campus will not create it, nor are individuals allowed to create it on their own. This rule is in place to strictly preserve the Illinois brand (which encompasses more than just the Block I – fonts, spacing, specific wording, etc.). Please discontinue using any previous letterhead.
  • Keep in mind that any student, student campus group, registered student organization, or sports club are prohibited from using the campus logos or the university seal on letterhead, business cards, or other identifying materials. Letterhead is for faculty and staff only.
  • Any requests for MechSE-specific merchandise must first be discussed with MechSE Communications staff.  Alternatively, the use of Grainger Engineering merchandise may be suggested. The university has strict policies regarding licensed vendors, trademarked logos, and appropriate usage. Approval from the Trademark & Licensing Office is required.
  • Students, student organizations and campus groups may use the university logos for special uses, such as a commemorative item (t-shirt, mug, etc.) that is for members' use only. No royalties are due on these items. However, approval from the campus Trademark & Licensing Office is still required.