Rachel Berry
Cinematographer/Creative Video Producer
Missy Biehl
Academic Advisor
Kirk Branch
Research Administration Coordinator
M. Quinn Brewster
Associate Director, M.Eng.ME Program
Haruka Brown
Research Administration Manager
Shea E. Brunson
Administrative Aide
Katie M. Burke
Graduate Programs Assistant
Kyle W. Cheek
Research Shop Supervisor
Tracy D. Dace
Associate Director of Education and Inclusivity, POETS Center
Hannah Catherine Dorsey
Senior HR Coordinator
Owen Doyle
Director of Industry and Innovation, Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems Center
Geir E. Dullerud
Director, MechSE Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Stefan Elbel
Co-Director, ACRC
Elif Ertekin
Director, Mechanics Programs
Timothy Green
Instrument Maker
Jodi Gritten
Office Administrator, Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems Center
Lindsey Rae Henson
Research Administration Specialist
Sean Latterell
Business and Finance Specialist
Ruthie Lubkeman
Office Manager
Joe Maduzia
MNMS Laboratory Specialist
Damon McFall
Director of Facilities and Operations
Nenad Miljkovic
Director, ACRC
Ljubica Milutinovic
Office Support Specialist, ACRC
Casey James Modglin
Account Technician I
Joe Muskin
Visiting Education Coordinator
Stephanie Ott-Monsivais
Chief Academic Advisor
Holly Pankow
Research Administration Coordinator
Julia Park
Associate Director of Communications
Sarah F. Power
Senior Coordinator of Business and Finance
Joann Pyon
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Susan Roughton
M.Eng. Program Coordinator
Amy J. Rumsey
Administrative Aide
Angie Scheiwe
Human Resource Associate
Gary Sedberry
Instrument Maker
Rebecca Seymour
Assistant Head for Administration
Sanjiv Sinha
Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs
Kathy Smith
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs
Tammy Smith
Office Support Specialist, Undergraduate Programs Office
Petros Sofronis
Associate Head for Graduate Programs and Research
Robbie Vermillion
Office Support Specialist, Undergraduate Programs Office
John Wierschem
Associate Director of Operations & Finance, Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems Center
Jaimee Wilson
Office Support Associate, Human Resources
Kendra Wolf
Associate Director of Advancement
Alyssa Wood
Account Technician I
Sherry Yu
Research Engineer