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MechSE Giving Opportunities

MechSE is consistently ranked as one of the top mechanical engineering programs in the nation and continues to thrive because of the generosity of our donors. The support of our alumni and friends greatly helps the department as we pursue the best students and faculty and seek to provide them an outstanding academic experience. You will find the various ways to support MechSE below and realize how much your gift impacts our students.

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MechSE Giving Opportunities

The generosity of our donors has an immediate impact on our students through the support of awards, scholarships, fellowships, and Senior Design projects. Read each giving opportunity below to learn more about that specific fund.

Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building

Since 1950, the Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB) has been the foundation and headquarters for one of the nation’s top engineering departments. Nearly 20,000 students have become engineers here and then entered the world prepared to take it by storm. Now, buoyed by a cornerstone gift from alumnus Sidney Lu, we have the opportunity to transform MEB into an incredible, 21st-century facility that will inspire and empower current and future generations of MechSE students to be the best in the world.

This historic project includes a five-story addition to the east of MEB, a single-story addition to the north, and 66,000 square feet of existing space re-imagined, re-engineered, and optimized for education, innovation, and community. More than ever before, the Sidnely Lu Mechanical Engineering Building will be the place where successful careers are launched and the seeds of innovation are sown. It will be truly transformational.

MechSE Alumni Educational (Annual) Fund

The MechSE Alumni Educational (Annual) Fund provides flexible, unrestricted support to the department. Contributions to the fund are used to provide scholarships and fellowships to our students, to maintain and improve our state-of-the-art undergraduate instructional and research laboratories, to support our departmental seminar series, to support various student groups and activities, to help recruit the very best faculty and staff, and to support many other departmental programs and needs.

MechSE Senior Design (ME 470) Fund

The MechSE Senior Design Project (ME 470) Fund supports our capstone senior design course. In ME 470, students work in teams under the supervision of MechSE professors to tackle real design problems from manufacturers and service industries. Students gain a variety of benefits from this open-ended problem-solving experience, which requires them to synthesize and apply the knowledge they have gained through their engineering courses, to work within time and budget constraints, and to present their progress and results through regular oral and written communications with company members.

MechSE Outstanding Scholars (Scholarships) Fund

The MechSE Outstanding Scholars (Scholarships) Fund is a current use fund which is used to provide scholarship support to deserving MechSE undergraduate students. Contributions to the fund are used to provide MechSE Outstanding Scholars scholarship awards to students, and also to supplement scholarship funding from named scholarship awards.

MechSE Graduate Fellowships Fund

The MechSE Graduate Fellowships fund is a current use fund which is used to provide fellowships to deserving MechSE graduate students. Contributions to the fund are used to provide MechSE Outstanding and Excellence Fellowships and also to supplement fellowship funding from named fellowship awards.

MechSE Student Society Funds

Student organizations provide members with a variety of opportunities for social and professional development. Organizations build camaraderie among current students in MechSE and offer them a venue for networking with engineering students on other campuses. Because the student organizations are affiliated with national engineering associations, they also present an important opportunity to connect with professional engineers in a variety of employment settings. For the professional engineer, student organizations furnish an ideal setting for interacting with a committed group of students, in many cases students who share a disciplinary focus.  MechSE students are active in a number of honorary and professional societies.