Metal Maker Studio

Metal Maker Studio

Our Metal Maker Studio has machines, hand tools, engineers and professional machinists who love to help each other learn and machine!

Open 9am to 4pm, Mon-Fri

Properly trained via College's ESDC, a few approved students receive additional mentoring from professional machinists as they make parts alongside them!

Open 4pm to Midnight, Mon-Thurs to those who are approved and volunteer in our MechSE MakerWorks Club.

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Toys & Machines

We have it all, from grinders and buffers to manual mills and lathes, to industrial CNC machines with unique axes. Check below!

This playground is uniquely home to both professional and student apprentice. We are always looking for new donor equipment to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive training in the Studio?

How are you helping me be safe while using such amazing machines?

What kind of metals can I machine?

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Over 100+ years of machining experience mentoring our students!



O u r   S h a r e d   V a l u e s

Be Safe and Professional,  Own the Experience,  Act to Earn Trust,

Respect People, Machines, and Culture,  and  Leave it Better Than Found