MechSE aims for an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, and we want to help with addressing and resolving incidents related to belonging, discrimination, and hate within our community. If you have such experiences or concerns and wish to report, click the button below to communicate the incident to the MechSE CARES committee:

Report an incident

Key Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the MechSE CARES committee include:

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Attentive Listening 
and Understanding

Actively listening to concerns and gaining insights into incidents related to belonging.

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Barrier Resolution

Assisting in tackling barriers to inclusion through an internal resolution process.

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Discrimination Response

Providing support for responses to explicit acts of racism, discrimination and hate through engagement with external campus-wide offices (e.g., Title IX).

We will prioritize maintaining your confidentiality to the fullest extent possible. Nonetheless, it is important to note that all members of our community are mandated reporters. Therefore, if you disclose incidents of sexual harassment, stalking or sexual abuse, we are obligated by law to report the information to Title IX. 

If you prefer to speak with a confidential resource before reaching out to us, you can contact any of the resources listed on the university's We Care website, here for students, and here for employees.  

You could also consider speaking with the University of Illinois Counseling Center or Women's Resources Center.

MechSE CARES Committee


Geir Dullerud

Chair and Director of MechSE's DEI Committee 


Leo Chamorro 


Elif Ertekin 


Varda Hagh 


Mariana Kersh 


Prashant Mehta 


Stephanie Ott-Monsivais 


Srinivasa Salapaka 


Matt West