MechSE MakerWorks Club

Elite volunteers passionately shaping our maker culture

Inspired by our past and amazing Illinois student clubs, MechSE MakerWorks Club will be created to shape and own the maker experience for our undergraduate students. The club’s mission is to create and sustain an Illini engineering maker culture that enables peers to receive equal opportunity to learn and safely use available tools and machines, while maintaining a safe, clean, and organized environment that impresses and inspires peers, alums, donors, guests, and future users.

How it Works...

The club commenced in operation in Fall 2022, with the complete rollout during Spring 2023. Below are early conceptual figures identifying key roles and responsibilities. 


All who have interest in making, understanding how things are made, and how to maintain and troubleshoot our machines may join the club and begin their ascent up the ranks. 

Within MechSE, a student may ascend to a Journey Maker 1. To reach higher, a student should consider joining a registered student organization that builds cars. They will attend training classes on metal machining techniques that will enable a student to ascend to Director.

In honor of the time invested, the unwavering commitment, and the willingness to embrace this new club, honorary inaugural members are undergraduate students Maxwell Johnson and David Parker.


Our Shared Values

Be Safe and Professional.  Own the Experience.  Act to Earn Trust.

Respect People, Machines, and Culture.  Leave it Better Than Found.