MS Programs

The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering offers two thesis-based MS degree programs.

Students who are interested in:

Non-thesis Master's program:

You are encouraged to consider our Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering degree program.

PhD should apply to the PhD program:

PhD students can still earn the MS on the way to earning the PhD. Students who are not planning to pursue a PhD should apply to our MS and/or M.Eng.ME programs. Students may apply for both the MS and M.Eng.ME programs, but students may not apply to both the MS and PhD programs. 

The MechSE department does not provide teaching assistantship appointments (TAs) or fellowships to students who do not plan to continue for the PhD. However, MS students in MechSE are welcome to seek research assistantship appointments (RAs) from MechSE and/or other Grainger College of Engineering faculty. MS students in MechSE are also welcome to seek TA positions in outside departments, such as Math and Physics. 

2021 - 2022 Graduate Student Handbook MS/PhD