Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

#4 Best Online Master's Program in Mechanical Engineering

The Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng.ME) program is a professionally oriented master’s degree program that provides advanced knowledge and experiential opportunities beyond that of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

The M.Eng.ME program allows students to earn a graduate degree in this highly sought-after field within one of the world’s most prestigious and largest engineering institutions: The Grainger College of Engineering at Illinois. Renowned faculty and exceptional students are drawn to Illinois because of our global reputation. Our M.Eng.ME program can be completed in as short a time as one year of full time study. Online students, many of whom work full-time, have up to five years to complete the program. Whether you enroll  in the fully online program, or the on-campus program, the degree requirements and the degree itself are identical

"The M.Eng. program allowed me to take all the technical courses that I hadn't had a chance to take during my undergraduate career. In doing so, I was able to hone my skills to the point where I was confident in my abilities as an engineer while still recognizing there is always more to learn from the people around you."

- Noah Lopez, M.Eng.ME alumnus ’21, Electrification Engineer, Trane Technologies

Our M.Eng.ME program can be completed in one year of full time study and students may choose to enroll in our fully online program, or, they may enroll in the on-campus program. The degree requirements and the degree itself are identical. 

Tracks of Study

The M.Eng.ME program is coursework-based, industry-oriented, and is customizable to suit one's needs, so long as the degree requirements are met.

Six tracks of sample courses are offered as guidance for those who want to pursue one of the following fields within mechanical engineering. 

Students have the flexibility to create their own program by combining the courses recommended from any of the six existing tracks or other courses outside the tracks. Students will receive guidance from an academic advisor when customizing their program.