TAM Core and Breadth Courses

Breadth Courses (16 hours)

Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Computational and Experimental Mechanics (at least 2 courses from the options below)

Fluid Mechanics

TAM 531 Inviscid Flow
TAM 532 Viscous Flow
TAM 534 Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Rheology
TAM 536 Instability and Transition
TAM 538 Turbulence

Solid Mechanics

TAM 552 Solid Mechanics II
TAM 554 Plasticity
TAM 555 Fracture Mechanics
TAM 559 Atomistic Solid Mechanics

Engineering Science and Applied Mathematics

TAM 514 Elastodynamics and Vibrations
TAM 515 Advanced Physical Acoustics
TAM 516 Dynamical Systems Theory
TAM 518 Wave Motion
TAM 545 Advanced Continuum Mechanics 
TAM 549 Asymptotic Methods
TAM 557 Mechanics of Random Media

Mechanics of Materials (at least 1 course from these options) 

TAM 424 Mechanics of Structural Metals
TAM 427 Mechanics of Polymers
TAM 428 Mechanics of Composites
TAM 524 Micromechanics of Materials
TAM 525 Advanced Composite Materials
TAM 526 Composites Manufacturing
TAM 534 Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Rheology

Computational and Experimental Mechanics (at least 1 course from these options) 

Computational Mechanics

TAM 470 Computational Mechanics
TAM 570 Computational Fluid Mechanics
TAM 574 Advanced Finite Element Methods

Experimental Mechanics

TAM 456 Experimental Stress Analysis
TAM 537 Experimental Fluid Mechanics