Employment and Salary


Graduates of our M.Eng.ME program are employed at companies with positions such as:

  • 3M -- Analysis Engineer
  • 20/10 Engineering Group -- Project Engineer
  • Boeing -- Mechanical System and Structural Analysis Engineer; Structural and Payload Design Engineer
  • Cooper Tire and Rubber Company -- Research Engineer, Predictive Technology
  • Cymer -- Controls Engineer
  • Delphi Technologies -- Mechanical Engineer
  • DreamVu -- Mechanical Engineer
  • ExxonMobil
  • Fast Radius -- Application Engineer
  • Horton -- Design Engineer, Product Development
  • II-VI EpiWorks -- MOCVD Equipment Engineer
  • John Deere -- Product Engineer
  • Microsoft -- Software Engineer
  • Navistar -- Product Development Engineer
  • Northrop Grumman -- Mechanical Engineer
  • Ping An Technology -- Robotics Algorithm Engineer
  • Pronic -- Project Engineer
  • Sandia National Laboratories -- R&D; Mechanical Engineer
  • Schlumberger -- Mechanical Engineer
  • Shah Trade Coporation
  • Shanghai Techbank Medical Technology Co. -- Research and Development Manager
  • Steel Founders' Society of America -- Project Engineer
  • Tesla -- Mechanical Design Engineer
  • TimeTooth Technologies -- Engineering Analyst

... and many more!  M.Eng.ME graduates are also more likely to be hired in or promoted to leadership and/or senior engineering positions.

Average Salaries

  • M.Eng. Mechanical Engineer (from Illinois):  $79,117 with an average signing bonus of $5,666
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineer (from Illinois):  $67,567
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineer (national average):  $63,630

Get to know a few of our alumni!

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