Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I transfer credits to the Master of Engineering program?

Yes, MEngME students may request a transfer of credits through a Graduate College Petition process. Each request is reviewed on an individual basis by the MEngME Faculty Director, Academic Advisor, and Graduate College and must meet specific criteria in order to be approved for transfer.  For further information about transferring credit, please review the Graduate College Handbook (page 26), and consult with your MEngME Program Coordinator. 

My background is not in mechanical engineering. Can I still apply to this program?

Strong candidates for this program must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in prerequisite coursework. Most students in the program have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, other engineering discipline, and/or a strong academic background in Math and Physics. All elements of the application are considered, from undergraduate coursework to an applicant's professional experience.

Can I apply to the Master of Engineering program and later transfer to the Master of Science program?

No. Admission or enrollment in the Master of Engineering program is not transferable to our department’s Master of Science programs. Students who would like to be considered for our Masters of Science program, must apply to and be accepted into that program. The programs differ from one another in that the MEng is a shorter program which emphasizes preparation for a career in industry. The MEng curriculum has a professional development component and does not require a research component. The MS is typically a longer program which is research oriented and does not have a professional development requirement. 

Can I pursue a PhD at MechSE after the Master of Engineering degree?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer: during an MEngME student's final semester in the MEngME program, most of our students are thinking abut their next steps. Most are seeking employment and applying for industry jobs, while some may be applying  to continue their education, including at our department's PhD program. Students in our MEngME program are not eligible to do an MS in our department because this is considered a duplicate degree. However they may apply to and be considered for our PhD program as well as PhD programs in other departments and universities. Further, some students will cast as wide a net as possible and will apply to both PhD programs and to employment opportunities.  

After enrollment in the program, is there a minimum GPA I must maintain?

Yes. All students enrolled in the M.Eng.ME program are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 scale, or higher. 

What is the minimum GPA required to apply for the program?

3.0/4.0 scale is the minimum GPA for eligible applicants. For a full list of Application Requirements, click here.

Tuition and Fees:

The Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering  is a self-funded program where students are responsible for paying their tuition and fees. Students in this program are not eligible for Board of Trustee (BOT) tuition-waiver-generating assistantships at the University of Illinois.

To learn more about the tuition and fee costs for this program and payment options, please visit the links below. For on campus students, tuition rates will vary depending on whether they are an Illinois resident, out of state resident, or international resident. For online students, all students are charged the same rate.

When is tuition due and how do I pay my bill?

Tuition is due by September 28 (for Fall term) and February 28 (for Spring term). More Information about paying your bill, deadlines, and payment options can be found here.

Are international students eligible for CPT and OPT?

Yes, international students are eligible for CPT and OPT. For an overview, please thoroughly review the ISSS homepage. This program is considered a STEM program and therefore, students are eligible for a STEM extension on their OPT. Please note, the MEngME on campus advisor serves in the role of department contact for any necessary approvals for CPT, OPT, program extensions, reduced course loads and other requests. 

How long do I have to get my degree?

On campus students typically have a maximum of 3 semesters to complete their degree. Extensions may be considered on a case-by-case basis as needed with the on campus academic advisor. Course planning with an academic advisor will help each student with their individualized academic plan. Students enrolled in the online program typically study part time while working full-time and therefore have up to five years to complete the program. If an an online student is in need of an extension beyond 5 years online students may request an extension through the Graduate College petition process.

I will be an on-campus student. May I hold a Research Assistantship (RA)  or Teaching Assistantship (TA) while in the MEngME program? What about scholarships?

Students in the MEngME program may not hold an RA or TA position, as they are ineligible for Board of Trustee (BOT) tuition-waiver-generating assistantships at the University of Illinois. The department does not offer scholarships or fellowships for MEngME students; however, students are welcome to apply for external fellowships or scholarships. In addition, MEngME students are eligible for hourly work on campus. Students may learn about on campus job opportunities on the virtual job board. Another good job source is the Research Park Virtual Job Board. Engineering Career Services is a center devoted to assisting on-campus engineering students with their career development. We highly recommend that on campus students utilize this valuable resource as much as possible. 

I am a new student. How do I set up my net id, University email, and register for classes? 

Please refer to this Quick Guide for information on how to set up your net id and other essential first steps!

Some courses offer several sections. How do I know which section is right for me?

You will find information about each class on course explorer. This information describes the type of class (i.e., online, Lecture-Discussion, Lab), who can take the class (under Restrictions), prerequisite course work, and Section Type. Under "Type," it should describe if a class is online or in person (Lecture-Discussion). Further, some classes are offered online and may have sections that are designated only for online students, while other sections may be for on campus students. An example of this is TE 460. Looking at CRN 56934, one can see that this is an in person synchronous class because there is a meeting time and class location. CRN 69707 is an online class and section letters ONC mean that it is designated for on campus students, while CRN 60408 is an online section, and section letters ONL mean that it is restricted to online students. Students will receive an error message if they try to register for the wrong section. Please contact your program advisor or MechSE Undergraduate Advising at if you are having registration problems. 

Is it possible for me to defer my admission? 

Admitted students may defer admission for up to one calendar year. For example, if you have been admitted for Fall 2024 and are unable to attend during that semester, you may make a request to defer to Spring 2025, or Fall 2025. To defer admission, please go to your Application portal and you will have the option of selecting to defer your admission to a future term. Please select the term to which you would like to be enrolled. You must also email your program office to notify them of your decision to defer.