Academic Requirements

Credit Requirements

Degree Requirements

ME/TAM coursework 16-24 
Professional Development Coursework 4 -8
Elective coursework  4-12
Total degree credit 32 hours

Additional requirements

  • A minimum of 12 500-level credit hours must be applied toward the degree, 8 of which must be taken in ME or TAM.
  • Minimum of 4 hours of elective coursework must be taken outside of the ME rubric. 
  • Maximum of 4 hours of independent study may be applied toward degree requirements.
  • A course can be applied to more than one requirement simultaneously; the credit hours, however, will only be counted once.  
  • Students in the program must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to remain in good academic standing. 

Credit Restrictions

No course used to fulfill any degree requirement may be taken using the “Credit/No Credit” or “Audit” options.  All degree requirements must be fulfilled with graduate-level (400 and 500 level) standard letter grade courses.

Time Limitations

Online students in the M.Eng.ME program are allotted up to five calendar years after their first registration in the Graduate College to finish the degree. On campus students have 3 semesters to complete the program. Time extensions may be requested, if needed, through the Graduate College petition process. 

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