Graduate Student Awards


Fred B. Seely Award, Outstanding TA for a TAM course

Kshitij Vijayvargia

 Recognizes graduate students in the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics program who are determined to be the most effective teaching assistants. 

Syed Haider

James O. Smith Memorial Award, Outstanding TA for an ME course

Syed Angkan Haider

 Given to the mechanical engineering student whose teaching assistant service has been exemplary. Students are chosen to receive this award because of their initiative, reliability, commitment to the students, and their overall contribution to the teaching mission.  

Shahriar Nahid

Robert T. Coughlin and Betty J. Van Doren Coughlin Award for Teaching Excellence

Shahriar Nahid

 This award is given in recognition of outstanding teaching in MechSE.  

Muntasir Alam

David Hinde Memorial Award

Md Muntasir Alam

 Honors the memory of David Hinde, an alumnus of the department and former Research and Development Director of Hillphoenix. It is presented to a MechSE graduate student with a research interest in natural refrigerant technology. 

Anxu Huang

Hassan Aref Memorial Award for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Anxu Huang

Awarded to a select TAM graduate student of good academic standing with a research interest, preferably, in fluid mechanics. 

Yaswanth Sai Jetti

Graduate Award Honoring TAM Faculty and Michael A. & E. Ann Sutton

Yaswanth Sai Jetti

 Given to an outstanding graduate student in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, with preference given to research in solid mechanics or experimental solid mechanics. Dr. Michael A. Sutton established this award to honor the profound impact that the outstanding faculty in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics had on his professional career.

Junyan He

Stanley I. Weiss Outstanding Thesis Award (ME)

Junyan He

 Recognizes an ME student for an outstanding MS or PhD thesis. 

Bashar Emon

Stanley I. Weiss Outstanding Thesis Award (TAM)

Md. Abul Bashar Emon

Recognizes a TAM student for an outstanding MS or PhD thesis.