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Ewoldt hosts TA Instruments rheology webinar


MechSE assistant professor Randy Ewoldt hosted a webinar for industry leader TA Instruments on September 15. 

Titled "Experimental Challenges of Shear Rheology: How to Avoid Bad Data," the webinar had more than 430 live attendees. 

The webinar overview said, "How do you know when to trust your rheology data? How do you avoid bad data? Is there a checklist? Can you co-plot quantitative experimental boundaries against measured data? This presentation will discuss techniques for identifying and minimizing experimental errors and for pushing the experimental limits of rotational shear rheometers. The objective is to enable participants to identify bad shear rheology data, hypothesize and test causes of error, co-plot quantitative experimental limits against measured data, and use these skills to present great data."

Access the recorded webinar on the TA Instruments website.