MechSE undergraduate programs rank #5 in the nation

9/18/2023 Julia Park

Our undergraduate mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics programs have moved up two spots to secure a #5 ranking with U.S. News and World Report.

Written by Julia Park

#5 best undergraduate programs in mechanical engineering and engineering mechanicsAs more evidence of MechSE’s continued commitment to excellence in education, the department’s undergraduate degree programs have moved up two spots to number 5 in the U.S. News and World Report rankings.

“The mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics programs at Illinois continue to be among the very best in the nation. We are fortunate to have a passionate and creative faculty, a hard-working and dedicated staff, and a motivated and involved student body. Our job going forward is to make sure that we continue to nurture this excellence in MechSE while we focus on our mission of providing high-quality engineering education at scale,” said Sanjiv Sinha, Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs in MechSE.

The Grainger College of Engineering demonstrated growth as well, also moving up two spots to a #5 ranking. The college is now home to a total of 18 Top 10 undergraduate specialties and 11 Top 5 undergraduate specialties.

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This story was published September 18, 2023.