Ewoldt to teach short course at major rheology conference


Prof. Randy Ewoldt will offer a short course to rheology colleagues at the International Congress on Rheology, considered the "Olympics" of rheology.

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Randy EwoldtAlexander Rankin Professor Randy Ewoldt was invited to teach an international short course on “Advances in rheometric methods and rheological data analysis,” part of the XIXth International Congress on Rheology (ICR2023), which began last weekend in Athens, Greece.

He is the only short course instructor from the University of Illinois, alongside colleagues from MIT and Ecole Normale Superieure in France. The course currently has 93 participants from 23 countries registered.

The conference is considered by many to be the “Olympics” of rheology, occurring every four years at a different international location, with 900 participants from 37 countries. Recent prior host locations include Rio de Janiero (Brazil), Kyoto (Japan), and Lisbon (Portugal).

Ewoldt and several of his students are also giving presentations at the conference on their latest research.

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This story was published July 31, 2023.