Bio bot story features MechSE researchers


Rashid Bashir, Mattia Gazzola, Ritu Raman, Taher Saif
Clockwise from top left: Rashid Bashir, Mattia Gazzola, Taher Saif, and Ritu Raman.

A recent article on Science News for Students provided an overview of the “bio bot” research being conducted by researchers within and adjacent to the MechSE Department.

Tech writer Stephen Ornes delved into the work taking place in the labs of Rashid Bashir (The Grainger College of Engineering Dean and MechSE affiliate professor), Mattia Gazzola (MechSE assistant professor), MechSE alumna Ritu Raman (MSME ’13, PhDME ’16, now an assistant professor at MIT), and Taher Saif (MechSE professor).

“Imagine you can fabricate structures that can grow or heal themselves — do all the things that we find around us from [the] biological world,” Bashir said in one of the article’s quoted passages.

Read the article on Science News for Students.