Intel awards professors Ferreira, Kapoor


Professors Ferreira and Kapoor
Professors Placid Ferreira (left) and Shiv Kapoor.

Intel announced MechSE professors Placid Ferreira and Shiv Kapoor were among the recipients of its 2021 Outstanding Research Awards. In all, 17 leading academic researchers were honored.

The giant technology company’s annual award program recognizes the exceptional contributions made through Intel university-sponsored research. Intel sponsors and works alongside academic researchers around the globe in areas such as field-programmable gate arrays, artificial intelligence, and other innovative technologies. 

The MechSE professors’ project is called, “Experimentation Management for Complex Multi-Step Manufacturing Process Flows.”

“The UIUC team’s research goal is developing a methodology to perform systematic and coordinated end-to-end design-of-experiments life-cycle management for complex multi-step semiconductor processes,” according to the Intel release. “This includes the development of a theoretical approach to effectively identify subsets of unmonitored process variables responsible for shifts in monitored process output parameters.”  

Intel's ORAs are part of the company’s Corporate Research Council, which participates in research initiatives with prominent university science and technology centers, the National Science Foundation, ecosystem partners, and the Semiconductor Research Corporation. With projects such as bridging Intel® oneAPI to managed programming languages, to hardware/software contracts for more secure speculation, to patterning at nano-length scales by directed assembly, these Intel and university-sponsored research collaborations are advancing today's computing into future technologies. 

"Intel’s academic research partnerships are a core part of the company’s strategy to explore critical research paths," said Aravind Dasu, co-director of Intel's Corporate Research Council.