van der Zande receives SES award


Arend van der Zande won the competitive Young Investigator Medal from the Society of Engineering Science.

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Assistant Professor Arend van der ZandeThe Society of Engineering Science has selected Associate Professor Arend van der Zande as the 2022 Young Investigator Medal recipient for his pioneering research in the mechanics and properties of 2D nanomaterials and engineering new classes of 2D material-based devices like nanoelectromechanical systems and molecular electronics.

The SES Young Investigator Medal is awarded to a young researcher in their ascendancy and whose work has already impacted their field within Engineering Science.

van der Zande will receive the award at the SES Annual Meeting in October 2022, where he is also invited to give a presentation.

van der Zande’s research focuses on the mechanics of nanostructures and leveraging the unique properties of nanomaterials for next-generation technologies like biosensors, quantum systems and wearable electronics. He is a group lead in the Illinois Material Research Science and Engineering Center.

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This story was published January 24, 2022.