Koric delivers keynote lectures on HPC, big data-enabled research for industry


Seid Koric, Research Associate Professor in MechSE and Technical Assistant Director at NCSA, along with NCSA Industry Director Brendan McGinty, delivered keynote presentations last month at two virtual European supercomputing events – the EuroHPC Summit Week/PRACE Days 2021 and the 1st Cyprus HPC Industry Week.

Seid KoricTheir presentations focused on the necessity of high-performance computing (HPC) in the healthcare, automotive, agriculture, aerospace, financial services, insurance, government services, and other industries. HPC’s ability to store, manage, and analyze massive datasets is becoming more mainstream, as companies are able to collect and leverage data like never before. Results at this scale tend to be remarkable, including in business operations efficiency and accuracy as well as ROI for industry.

After introduction to NCSA Industry, Koric talked about the rise of the fourth paradigm in science and engineering, which is data-driven discovery that has recently been enabled by our ability to collect and analyze “big data” on HPC. He discussed several industrial examples of his team’s recent research advances in this field in terms of development and application of big data analytics and the confluence of artificial intelligence (AI) and multiphysics modeling and design. As indicated in recent years, Koric and McGinty said, the growth in researchers’ ability to collect and subsequently analyze data has resulted in more sophisticated and accurate solutions to significant challenges.

Some of Koric’s novel research involving deep learning and AI can be found here and here.