Scheduling the TAM PHD Qualifying Examination

Form A

Form B

Students will complete Form A  to request to convene a qualifying exam committee. This form should be completed in conjunction with the student’s advisor, and the advisor will need to sign this form.  The form should then be submitted to the Graduate Programs Office (either in hard copy to Rm 166 MEB, or by e-mail to the Graduate Programs Supervisor), along with an electronic copy of the work that will be presented for the qualifying exam. The Graduate Programs Supervisor will send the request to the Assoc. Head for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, who will review the request and the scholarly work to be presented for the exam.  Once the material has been reviewed, the Asst. to the Assoc. Head will contact the student to schedule a meeting with the Assoc. Head to discuss the exam and the committee. A fourth member to the committee will also be appointed at this time. Once the committee is approved by the Assoc. Head, the student is allowed to begin contacting the committee to arrange the exam. Once a date, time, and location have been set for the exam, the student will complete Form B and submit it to the Graduate Programs Supervisor.