Fracture Control Program

Since its inception in 1971, the Fracture Control Program (FCP) has had two main objectives:

  1. To work cooperatively with industrial partners to develop models for fatigue and fracture;
  2. To enhance the impact of all externally funded basic research of the FCP principal investigators by transferring all findings to program sponsors.

By focusing on the needs and strategic interests of its sponsoring companies, the FCP aims to foster substantial progress and technology transfer in the area of durability modeling and materials databases. Specifically, the program emphasizes:

  • Development of mechanism-based durability models for reliable use of materials in design and engineering components, including numerical models that capture material and component behavior outside the regimes where experimental data could be available
  • Integration of durability models with materials databases and service loading
  • Implementation of micro-mechanics and probabilistic durability algorithms to predict component behavior

Please visit the FCP Report List to view and download reports.


  • Huseyin Sehitoglu