XPACC funding extended into sixth year


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MechSE Professor Jonathan Freund
MechSE Professor Jonathan Freund
The Center for Exascale Simulation of Plasma-coupled Combustion (XPACC) received an extension to continue its work on developing a way for plasma technology to improve combustion into a sixth year.

Originally funded for nearly $20M for five years with a grant from the National Nuclear Security Administration (part of the Department of Energy), the sixth year will bring an additional $4M to the University of Illinois.

MechSE Professor Jonathan Freund is co-director of XPACC, which seeks to leverage massive-scale simulation for predictive science that will advance combustion technology. The center is one of three Multidisciplinary Simulation Centers funded through DOE-NNSA, and comprises researchers, staff, and students almost entirely from Illinois.

The researchers at Illinois have expertise in a range of fields, including mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, computational science, and computer science. 

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This story was published August 31, 2017.