Recent MechSE PhD graduate publishes book


This article was posted on September 17th, 2012 by William Bowman.

In August 2012, Kuo-Ting Wang (PhDME '11) published the book On Phase-Transition Radiation of Water- A First Fundamental Approach based on his research in MechSE.


The new book by Kuo-Ting Wang
The new book by Kuo-Ting Wang
The new book by Kuo-Ting Wang


"I never dreamed about doing water energy research in Urbana, nor did I imagine that my research work would draw attention from publishers in the U.K. and Germany," Wang said. "The idea underlying this research is very simple: if energy between water’s different phases can be released as heat, why not photons?"

His theoretical study and experimental approach eventually led to the definition of an additional term in radiative transfer equation to account for this effect, which explained why water clouds emit extra infrared energy in the 4-8 micron meter spectral range. In order to present a clear view about energy transitions, his research on water energetic behaviors from a few degrees K to near the critical point was covered in his book.

"For me it was a great pleasure to work with Caleb and I am happy to see his work get this recognition," said Professor Quinn Brewster, Wang’s PhD advisor in MechSE. "In fact, his results were instrumental in winning a grant from NSF to study this phenomenon, which we are continuing to do."

Earlier this year, Wang was contacted by Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) from Germany and was pleased to receive the invitation to publish his collected research results as a book. Back in 2010, Wang’s article Phase-Transition Radiation in Vapor Condensation Process, coauthored by Brewster, drew attention from a science magazine in the U.K. His article was reported by NewScientist, titled as Cloud lasers: Hunting quantum secrets in the skies on Nov-30-2010, magazine issue 2788. In the next year, his research in MechSE was again reported by Issues in Mechanical Engineering: 2011 Edition, titled as Research from K.T. Wang and co-authors reveals new findings on heat transfer research. He proposed a quantum mechanism for radiative relaxation with the involvement of phase transition for water clouds. There had been no detailed physical mechanism to explain the enhanced infrared energy emission in clouds until he bridged photon emission and phase transition together.

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