POETS Center debuts new collaborative space


Just a year after its launch as a major NSF Engineering Research Center, the Power Optimization for Electro-Thermal Systems Center introduced a new research collaboration space at Illinois in the Digital Computing Lab. 
With an open grid of graduate student work space, plus seminar rooms and offices, the setting will encourage true teamwork when it comes to achieving POETS’ goal of addressing the thermal and electrical challenges in mobile electronics and vehicle design. 
College of Engineering Dean Andreas Cangellaris was on hand to celebrate the debut. 
“Andrew deserves all the credit for the idea behind POETS. Of course, turning an idea into a success takes many people, and we are seeing just the beginning of what it will take for POETS to flourish.”
POETS director and MechSE’s Ralph and Catherine Fisher Professor Andrew Alleyne said he is excited for what the future brings for POETS. 
“We have yet to come across a company that says our work is not of interest to them. This great space is just the first step—we have some really exciting things that we’ll be sharing in the next year or so.”