MechSE Magazine, Summer 2023

Up in the Air (special feature)


MechSE engineers Naira Hovakimyan, Tonghun Lee and Katie Matlack share more about their aviation research. Film developed and produced by Rachel Berry.

MechSE's "Underground" Music Scene: Cadenza (special feature)

Faculty, students and alumni on how
engineering is so deeply connected to music.
Film developed and produced by Rachel Berry.

Professor Joseph Bentsman talks about growing up
with music, his connection to the "Soviet Beatles" and how
music continues to play a role in his life.
Film developed and produced by Rachel Berry.

More music-inspired writing from Taylor can be found in several entries from her engineering blog, Taylor Made:
Good vibrations,” “Pitch construction” and “Yes, they do sell guitars at Guitar World.”

“What really stood out to me from writing this article are the quiet ways in which music intricately weaves itself 
into different aspects of our lives.” 

Professor Joseph Bentsman
perform a 
piece for guitar and voice.  

Undergraduate Programs

American Ninja Warrior
- see the robots in action! 

A compilation of the final projects from 
ME 200 (Thermodynamics) conceived by
MechSE's creative undergraduate students.

Graduate Programs

Winston Zhang teaching in front of a white board with writing.

“Preparing a lecture plan is sort of like playing golf,” Dr. L. Winston Zhang joked. “It takes a lot of time and there’s always something more you could improve.”  Get to know Dr. Zhang and the professional experiences he brings to the M.Eng.ME classroom. >>

Four male students playing foosball in Lu MEB.

Dr. Jiajun He: "The M.Eng.ME program strives to create a community that students can call home.” Learn how MechSE, with the help of M.Eng.ME alumni, have forged a supportive community  within the program. >>

Faculty Research

Reaching like an octopus: Mattia Gazzola and Prashant Mehta’s model was the first of its kind and a framework for design and control of soft robots going forward. 

With a balancing control algorithm, Justin Yim’s Salto-1P can  jump to a narrow target and stick its landing like a gymnast.

The PURE Ballbot could just be the future of mobility assistance. The design by Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler and researchers from across UIUC uses a single, rolling ball to provide a handsfree, intuitive, and flexible device for users. Video developed by the Beckman Institute.

The click beetle-inspired jumping robots developed by 
Sam Tawfick’s team. Video courtesy of Tawfick
and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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