Kim wins best paper award at IEEE conference


Mehta, Kim, and Meyn.
Mehta, Kim, and Meyn.
MechSE doctoral student Jin-Won Kim recently won the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC).  

Held in Nice, France in December, IEEE CDC is the flagship conference for control theory. The abstract for Kim’s paper, “What is the Lagrangian for Nonlinear Filtering?” states: “Duality between estimation and optimal control is a problem of rich historical significance. The first duality principle appears in the seminal paper of Kalman-Bucy, where the problem of minimum variance estimation is shown to be dual to a linear quadratic (LQ) optimal control problem. Duality offers a constructive proof technique to derive the Kalman filter equation from the optimal control solution. This paper generalizes the classical duality result of Kalman-Bucy to the nonlinear filter: The state evolves as a continuous-time Markov process and the observation is a nonlinear function of state corrupted by an additive Gaussian noise. A dual process is introduced as a backward stochastic differential equation (BSDE). The process is used to transform the problem of minimum variance estimation into an optimal control problem. Its solution is obtained from an application of the maximum principle, and subsequently used to derive the equation of the nonlinear filter. The classical duality result of Kalman-Bucy is shown to be a special case.” 

“This award is a tremendous honor not only for Jin-Won Kim but also for the MechSE Department and the Coordinated Science Laboratory,” said MechSE Associate Professor Prashant Mehta, Kim’s advisor. Mehta and Professor Sean Meyn from the University of Florida were co-authors of the research.

Their research was supported by grants from the Army Research Office and the National Science Foundation.