Elbel paper tops list of most cited


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Stefan Elbel
Stefan Elbel
A publication from MechSE Research Assistant Professor Stefan Elbel and an alumnus made it to the top of the list as the most cited article in the International Journal of Refrigeration.

The publisher Elsevier’s list includes the most cited articles published since 2015, extracted from Scopus. Elbel and his former PhD student Neal Lawrence published their limited review paper, “Review of recent developments in advanced ejector technology,” in 2016—nearly a year after the second paper on the list—and it has received 70 citations.

Elbel’s work is on energy conversion systems with specialization in vapor compression technology using synthetic and natural refrigerants. He conducts both fundamental and applied research on components and systems used in mobile, residential, commercial, and industrial heating and cooling applications. He has been researching transcritical carbon dioxide cooling and heating cycles for a large variety of applications for more than 15 years, focusing extensively on designing and improving refrigerant ejector systems to increase the energy efficiency of vapor compression cycles.

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This story was published September 21, 2018.