(Fluid) Dynamic Trio

Stefanie Anderson is a senior in ME from the north side of Chicago. She is the frame project lead and welding lead on the university’s Baja SAE team and is the social chair for Women in MechSE. She also works as an ESPL Coordinator under Bruce Flachsbart, and enjoys listening to music and playing video games in her spare time. Veronica Holloway is a senior in ME from Mount Prospect, IL. She is a Captain on the Baja SAE team, and an undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Emma Mercier in the College of Education. She spends her free time running, playing and watching soccer, and listening to excessive amounts of music and podcasts. Amanda Maher is a senior in ME from Batavia, IL. She founded the RSO Alma’s Talking Dogs, sings Alto II in the University’s Women’s Glee Club and has been composing and producing music during her time off.

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