MechSE sweeps Outstanding Advisor Awards

5/1/2023 Julia Park

This year, MechSE faculty and staff comprised 18 of the 25 who won the 2023 Outstanding Advisor Award from Engineering Council.

Written by Julia Park

18 headshots of winners

18 of 25

Each year, Grainger Engineering students nominate faculty and staff who exemplify excellence in and dedication to advising. Recognized as the top 10% of engineering advisors selected by their students, the group typically includes a handful from MechSE – for instance, five in 2020, six in 2021, and six last year. This year, however, an incredible 18 of the 25 Outstanding Advisors for 2022-23 are MechSE faculty and staff. They were honored at the college awards banquet April 29. 

Missy Biehl, Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs
Lili Cai, Assistant Professor
Alison Dunn, Associate Professor
Stefan Elbel, Research Assistant Professor
Randy Ewoldt, Professor
Placid Ferreira, Professor
Naira Hovakimyan, Professor
Blake Johnson, Teaching Assistant Professor
Gabriel Juarez, Assistant Professor
Leon Liebenberg, Teaching Associate Professor
Moshe Matalon, Professor
Katie Matlack, Assistant Professor
Nenad Miljkovic, Professor
Stephanie Ott-Monsivais, Chief Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs
Arne Pearlstein, Professor
Susan Roughton, M.Eng. Program Coordinator
Taher Saif, Professor
Sam Tawfick, Associate Professor

“I am very fortunate to be a part of such a large, diverse, and vibrant department composed of both professional advising staff and faculty who are dedicated to excellence in advising. In MechSE we know that advising is more than just helping students choose classes to meet their graduation requirements, and our faculty are truly interested in developing meaningful relationships that empower our students to discover their passions, explore opportunities, navigate challenges, and develop into the next generation of leaders.”

- Stephanie Ott-Monsivais, Chief Academic Advisor


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This story was published May 1, 2023.