Chamorro to represent MechSE at SHPE national convention

4/14/2023 Helen Chang

Prof. Leonardo Chamorro has been involved with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers for more than five years, having played a significant part in the national convention organization.

Written by Helen Chang

Leonardo P. ChamorroSimilar to previous years, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) has invited MechSE Associate Professor Leo Chamorro to participate in their national convention scheduled for November 2023.

As a running member of SHPE for over five years, Chamorro is already involved at the national level, having taken a significant part in the national convention organization by running the Engineering Science Symposium as a co-chair. He is part of a team that organizes the showcase of research conducted by SHPE students in various engineering fields. He also interacts with people interested in presenting scientific advancements during the convention.

“The annual SHPE conference stands out as the most influential event for Hispanic students and professionals in the STEM fields. Not only is it the largest of its kind, but also it has a critical impact on the community,” said Chamorro, who also holds affiliate roles with Aerospace Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Geology. With more than 6,700 people estimated to attend this year in Salt Lake City, Utah, the conference gathers those who are most involved and passionate about science, math, and engineering to host events like networking workshops and technical symposia.

According to SHPE’s mission statement, “SHPE is the Familia defined. It is what happens when you harness the power of diverse innovation.” This is firmly reflected in convention events, where students from different STEM fields are encouraged to pursue their passions.

Chamorro noted the impressive talents and dedication he has witnessed students embody during these conferences.

“I have seen various talented students and their effort to pursue their goals in STEM at multiple levels,” he said. “I have tried to share experiences, guided them on their journey, and highlighted that our college is a place where educational excellence, innovation, science, and a sense of community coexist and where they can actively participate and contribute.”

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This story was published April 14, 2023.