Glumac's expert view on bridge explosion highlighted again in NYTimes


Prof. Nick Glumac estimated, based on the size of the fireball, that there was at least a few tons of explosives involved in the October attack on the bridge between Russia and Crimea. An renowned expert on explosions, Glumac spoke to the NYTimes once more.

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Nick GlumacMechSE Professor Nick Glumac was one of several experts sought by the NYTimes to review imagery of the blast and provide feedback on the type and size of the truck bomb that severely damaged the Kerch bridge, which connects Russia to Crimea. 

The Times article, published in November, said: 

Rough estimates based on the size of the fireball indicate that there was a large quantity of explosives in the truck — at least a few tons, depending on the type of explosive, said Nick Glumac, an engineering professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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This story was published December 8, 2022.