Women faculty highlight their research impact

12/8/2022 Julia Park

MechSE's first-of-its-kind "Women in MechSE: Faculty Research Exhibition" featured research presentations from six women professors in the department.

Written by Julia Park

Flyer advertisement for Women in MechSE researcher exhibition.In a special presentation for students considering a graduate degree in engineering, many of the department’s women faculty participated in MechSE’s first-of-its-kind “Women in MechSE: Faculty Research Exhibition.”

Professor Elif Ertekin moderated the event, which was held December 2 via Zoom, organized by MechSE’s Graduate Programs Office, and included brief presentations from Professors Lili Cai, Naira Hovakimyan, Elizabeth Hsaio-Wecksler, Katie Matlack, and Sophie Wang.

“Our researchers are working on issues really critical for the world. A lot of what we do is based on the world we live in and putting our research in that context. In the work of our women faculty especially you’ll really get a chance to see that,” Ertekin said. “What’s unique about our program is that we try to be a supportive family and we work together. Our collaborative nature is a really special thing about our department. We have a positive culture and conduct our research in a way that’s really supportive.”

Kathleen Oolman, Director of GradSWE at the university, highlighted the impact of GradSWE’s Mentorship Program on the department’s effort to connect women undergraduates and graduate students in engineering.

Hsiao-Wecksler agreed. “My research group has been adding more and more women over the last few years. I have 10 graduate students right now and half are women.”

To learn more about MechSE's women researchers, visit the Women in MechSE section of our website.

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This story was published December 8, 2022.