Stephani gives voice to importance of hypersonics in America's arsenal

10/18/2022 Julia Park

Hypersonic missiles - those able to fly up to five times the speed of sound - are crucial to U.S. national security in the eyes of American defense leaders. Prof. Kelly Stephani shared her expert perspective on the need to radically scaling up our country's education and training in this arena.

Written by Julia Park

MechSE Associate Professor and hypersonics expert Kelly Stephani was interviewed today by The Hill as part of a panel to discuss the future of hypersonic technology readiness and homeland security.

The Hill's virtual panel, "National Security at the Speed of Sound: Hypersonics in American Defense," brought together members of Congress, defense leaders, and hypersonic technology experts like Stephani to sound the alarm on the urgent need for greater progress in the development and deployment of hypersonics for military defense purposes.

Stephani helps lead the Center for Hypersonics and Entry Systems Studies (CHESS) at Illinois. 

Watch here (Stephani's interview begins around the 55-minute mark):

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This story was published October 18, 2022.