Ostoja-Starzewski joins CMAME editorial board


Martin Ostoja-Starzewski
Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

MechSE professor Martin Ostoja-Starzewski has joined the Editorial Advisory Board of Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (CMAME), a premier journal in computational science and engineering.

The journal was founded over three decades ago, providing a platform for the publication of papers in this important field of science and engineering. The range of appropriate contributions is very wide. It covers any type of computational method for the simulation of complex physical problems leading to the analysis and design of engineering products and systems. This includes theoretical development and rational applications of mathematical models, variational formulations, and numerical algorithms related to finite element, boundary element, finite difference, finite volume, and meshless discretization methods in the following fields of computational science and engineering: Solid and structural mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Mechanics of materials, Heat transfer, Dynamics, Geomechanics, Acoustics, Biomechanics, Nanomechanics, Molecular dynamics, Quantum mechanics, Electromagnetics, and also includes virtual design, multiscale phenomena, from nanoscale to macroscale, multiphysics problems, parallel computing, optimization, probabilistic and stochastic approaches.

CMAME publishes original papers at the forefront of modern research describing significant developments of computational methods in solving problems of applied mechanics and engineering.

Ostoja-Starzewski joined MechSE in 2006. He earned a PhD in 1983 in mechanical engineering from McGill University in Canada. His research interests are in engineering science, primarily in thermo-mechanics of random and fractal media, advanced continuum theories, stochastic mechanics, and wave motion, with applications to nanotechnology, aerospace, bio- and geo-physical problems. In 2018 he received the Worcester Reed Warner Medal of ASME.