New heat exchanger design from King, Miljkovic featured by ASME


Recent research on 3D-printed heat exchangers from Bill King and Nenad Miljkovic was featured in an ASME article.

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Recent research from Professors William King and Nenad Miljkovic was featured by ASME.  Their findings demonstrated next-generation energy technology with metal 3D-printing of high-power heat exchangers.  

“Heat exchanger design has not significantly changed in decades,” says William King, a professor of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. “There have been some small incremental evolutions over the years, but basically the sizes and shapes we know very well are the same they’ve been for many years.”

And those shapes are largely dictated by the limits of how they’re manufactured. As a result, the heat exchangers in our homes and vehicles are none too complicated: all straight channels and right angles.

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This story was published January 24, 2022.