Chang at center of neighborhood energy struggle: CNN story


Dar-Lon Chang
(From left) Dar-Lon, Ayla, and Michelle Chang, with Deb and Ty Newell, MechSE professor emeritus. The Newells visited Geos Neighbood this past summer.

MechSE alumnus Dar-Lon Chang (BSME ’98, PhDME ’03) lives in a special neighborhood, called Geos Neighborhood, that is an all-electric, solar-powered community in Arvada, Colorado. A new developer appears to have alternate plans.

“It's very interesting that the developer can't see what a special place Geos is, and that he has an opportunity to do something very special, especially in light of so many communities going in the opposite direction to be solar-powered, sustainable cities,” said Ty Newell, a MechSE professor emeritus whose work focuses on net-zero energy consumption and improved air quality for residences.

Chang and Geos Neighborhood were featured in this recent CNN story.