Ostoja-Starzewski gives MICCAI keynote lecture


Martin Ostoja-Starzewski
Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

MechSE professor Martin Ostoja-Starzewski presented a keynote lecture at the MICCAI 2021, the 24th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention. The annual MICCAI conferences attract world leading biomedical scientists, engineers, and clinicians from a wide range of disciplines associated with medical imaging and computer-assisted intervention.

 According to the lecture abstract, titled Non-Fourier Heat Conduction in Soft Tissues: Experiments, Models, Waves, “Electrosurgery of soft tissue organs involves the application of a high voltage at high frequency to the interface between the surgical probe and the tissue boundary.” To accomplish correct interaction of the electrosurgical probe with the tissue (i.e., coagulation of blood at the probe/tissue interface) as opposed to charring,  it is imperative to understand the heat conduction phenomena due to moving heat sources. In light of experiments on porcine muscle and blood, this involves studies of subsonic-to-supersonic second sound propagation in the setting of integer-order or fractional differential equations.

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Martin Ostoja-Starzewski joined MechSE in 2006. He earned a PhD in 1983 in mechanical engineering from McGill University in Canada. His research interests are in engineering science, primarily in thermo-mechanics of random and fractal media, advanced continuum theories, wave motion, and aerospace, bio- and geo-physical applications.