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MechSE honors five staff for service to department


Devin, Stephanie, Robbie, Sean, and Susan (center).
Clockwise from top left: Devin, Stephanie, Robbie, Sean, and Susan (center). 

Five staff were honored this year with 2021 MechSE Staff Awards. They were recognized for their contributions to the department, and for their outstanding service to our faculty, students, colleagues, and others. 

2021 MechSE Staff Award for Exemplary Service:
Susan Roughton, Graduate Admissions Coordinator-M.Eng. Program, for her tireless support of students in MechSE’s M.Eng.ME program; for going above and beyond to create unique solutions to student challenges; arranging connections and networking among students; and remaining upbeat, patient, kind, and a constant motivator of students. Susan has made tremendous strides in growing the M.Eng.ME program to serve more students who are highly qualified and of greater diversity.

MechSE Staff Award – Dependable Dynamo:
Stephanie Ott-Monsivais, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, for her excellence in advising undergraduates, her knowledge on all aspects of the curriculum, and her positive, supportive attitude.

MechSE Staff Award – Mountain Mover:
Sean Latterell, Account Technician II, for stepping up in an exceptional way for the MechSE business office to ensure continuous service.

MechSE Staff Award – Steadfast for Students:
Robbie Vermillion, Office Support Specialist, for his efforts to ensure MechSE students remain connected to the department during virtual office operations and despite challenges and increased work loads, and for his dedication, empathy, and continuously providing high-quality support.

MechSE Staff Award – Ultimate Team Player:
Devin Althoff, Assistant Facilities Manager, for his outstanding support of department facilities and staff at all levels and always working with efficiency and responsiveness.