Six from MechSE win Outstanding Advisor award


MechSE faculty and staff were six of the 20 recipients of this year’s Engineering Council Outstanding Advisor Award.

Engineering Council is a union of engineering students and committees that offers programs and services to enrich the student experience. Each year, the Engineering Council recognizes the top 10 percent of advisors across all disciplines of engineering. The Outstanding Advisor Award is chosen by undergraduate and graduate students in engineering.

MechSE’s recipients this year include: Missy Biehl, Quinn Brewster, Blake Johnson, Mariana Kersh, Leon Liebenberg, and Stephanie Ott-Monsivais.

Outstanding Advisors 2021
Clockwise from top left: Biehl, Brewster, Johnson, Kersh, Liebenberg, Ott-Monsivais.


  • Biehl has served as an academic advisor in the MechSE department for more than eight years. She helps coordinate department and student-led events and facilitates student involvement in undergraduate programs.
  • Brewster is the Hermia G. Soo Professor in MechSE.
  • Johnson is a teaching assistant professor and director of the Undergraduate Instructional Laboratory.  This is his first time receiving this award.
  • Kersh is an assistant professor in MechSE and a Carle Illinois College of Medicine Health Innovation Professor.
  • Liebenberg is a teaching associate professor in MechSE.
  • Ott-Monsivais has served as an academic advisor since 2017 in the department’s Undergraduate Programs Office.

The Outstanding Advisor Award is traditionally presented at The Grainger College of Engineering Faculty Awards Ceremony in the spring, now likely taking place in Fall 2021.