Hrnjak, Elbel speak on alternative refrigerants at MIT colloquium


Pega Hrnjak and Stefan Elbel recently spoke at MIT’s virtual International Colloquia on Thermal Innovations on the topic alternative refrigerants.

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Pega Hrnjak was recently a featured panelist on MIT’s virtual International Colloquia on Thermal Innovations. Stefan Elbel served as the moderator for the webinar. The topic at hand was “Alternative Refrigerants,” which focused on the current situation with refrigerants and explored the candidates for environmentally friendly options that provide cost-effective systems solutions.

Pega Hrnjak and Stefan ElbelHrnjak is a Stoecker Faculty Fellow, Distinguished Research Professor, and Director of the ACRC (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center) at Illinois. Elbel is a Research Assistant Professor in MechSE and an Associate Director of the ACRC.

More information, including a Q&A from the webinar, can be found here.

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This story was published February 19, 2021.