Controls & Manufacturing Track Recommended Core Courses (*online option available)

Highly recommended (specifically developed to be added to the permanent curriculum of the M.Eng.ME program):

ME 598. Applied Control System Design & Analysis w/ Aerospace Examples*
ME 598. Advanced Robust Control*
ME 598. Computational Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes*

ME 404. Intermediate Thermodynamics
ME 430. Failure of Engrg Materials
ME 431. Mechanical Component Failure*
ME 440. Kinem & Dynamics of Mech Syst*
ME 445. Introduction to Robotics
ME 446. Robot Dynamics and Control
ME 451. Computer-Aided Mfg Systems
ME 452. Num Control of Mfg Processes
ME 455. Micromanufacturing Process & Automation
ME 460. Industrial Control Systems
ME 461. Computer Cntrl of Mech Systems
ME 462. Advanced Computer Control
ME 471. Finite Element Analysis*
ME 472. Introduction to Tribology
ME 482. Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics
ME 487. MEMS-NEMS Theory & Fabrication
ME 540. Control System Theory & Design
ME 546. Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
ME 562. Robust Adaptive Control
TAM 424. Mechanics of Structural Metals
TAM 428. Mechanics of Composites
TAM 451. Intermediate Solid Mechanics
TAM 456. Experimental Stress Analysis
TAM 470. Computational Mechanics
TAM 514. Elastodynamics and Vibrations*
TAM 524. Micromechanics of Materials
TAM 541. Mathematical Methods*
TAM 542. Mathematical Methods II
TAM 551. Solid Mechanics I
TAM 554. Plasticity
TAM 574. Adv Finite Element Methods

Detailed course offerings can be found using the University of Illinois Course Explorer.