Design Track Recommended Core Courses 

Highly recommended (specifically developed to be added to the permanent curriculum of the M.Eng.ME program):
ME 543. Applied Control System Design & Analysis (prerequisite for Advanced Robust Control) offered in Fall  
ME 598. Advanced Robust Control (ME 543 is prerequisite) offered in Spring  
ME 598. Computational Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes (sequenced two part course offered in Fall/Spring)
ME 598 Fun with Mechanics (sequenced two part course offered in Fall/Spring)

ME 400. Energy Conversion Systems
ME 401. Refrigeration and Cryogenics
ME 402. Design of Thermal Systems
ME 403. Internal Combustion Engines
ME 404. Intermediate Thermodynamics
ME 410. Intermediate Gas Dynamics
ME 411. Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
ME 412. Numerical Thermo-Fluid Mechanics
ME 420. Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME 430. Failure of Engineering Materials
ME 431. Mechanical Component Failure
ME 432. Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
ME 440. Kinematics & Dynamics of Mech Syst
ME 445. Introduction to Robotics
ME 446. Robot Dynamics and Control
ME 447. Computational Design & Dynamics of Soft Systems
ME 451. Computer-Aided Manufacturing Systems
ME 452. Numerical Control of Manufacturing Processes
ME 453. Data Science in Manufacturing Quality Control
ME 455. Micromanufacturing Process & Automation
ME 458. Additive Manufacturing and Product Design
ME 460. Industrial Control Systems
ME 461. Computer Control of Mechanical Systems
ME 462. Advanced Computer Control
ME 465. Optics: Theory & Applications
ME 471. Finite Element Analysis
ME 472. Introduction to Tribology
ME 475. Bioinspired Design
ME 481. Whole-Body Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
ME 482. Musculoskeletal Tissue Mechanics
ME 483. Mechanobiology
ME 485. MEMS Devices & Systems
ME 487. MEMS-NEMS Theory & Fabrication
ME 496. Honors Project
ME 498. Special Topics
ME 501. Combustion Fundamentals
ME 502. Thermal Systems
ME 503. Design of IC Engines
ME 504. Multiphase Systems & Processes
ME 510. Advanced Gas Dynamics
ME 512. Physicochemical Hydrodynamics
ME 520. Heat Conduction
ME 521. Convective Heat Transfer
ME 522. Thermal Radiation
ME 523. Nanoscale Energy Transport
ME 530. Fatigue Analysis
ME 531. Inelastic Design Methods
ME 540. Control System Theory & Design
ME 543. Applied Control System Design
ME 544. Dynamic System Reliability
ME 546. Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
ME 561. Convex Methods in Control
ME 562. Robust Adaptive Control
ME 570. Nonlinear Solid Mechanics Design
ME 586. Mechanics of MEMS
ME 598. Special Topics
TAM 412. Intermediate Dynamics
TAM 413. Fund of Engineering Acoustics
TAM 416. Intro to Nonlinear Dynamics & Vibrations
TAM 424. Mechanics of Structural Metals
TAM 428. Mechanics of Composites
TAM 435. Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
TAM 445. Continuum Mechanics
TAM 451. Intermediate Solid Mechanics
TAM 456. Experimental Stress Analysis
TAM 461. Cellular Biomechanics
TAM 470. Computational Mechanics
TAM 514. Elastodynamics and Vibrations
TAM 518. Wave Motion
TAM 524. Micromechanics of Materials
TAM 529. Viscoelasticity Theory
TAM 531. Inviscid Flow
TAM 532. Viscous Flow
TAM 534. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics & Rheology
TAM 536. Instability and Transition
TAM 537. Experimental Fluid Mechanics
TAM 538. Turbulence
TAM 539. Fluid Mechanics Seminar
TAM 541. Mathematical Methods I
TAM 542. Mathematical Methods II
TAM 545. Advanced Continuum Mechanics
TAM 549. Asymptotic Methods
TAM 551. Solid Mechanics I
TAM 552. Solid Mechanics II
TAM 554. Plasticity
TAM 555. Fracture Mechanics
TAM 557. Mechanics of Random Media
TAM 559. Atomistic Solid Mechanics
TAM 561. Mechanics & Thermo of Soft Matter
TAM 570. Computational Fluid Mechanics
TAM 574. Advanced Finite Element Methods
TAM 598. Advanced Special Topics

Detailed course offerings can be found using the University of Illinois Course Explorer. Online course catalog is available here.