Energy Track Recommended Core Courses (*online option available)

Highly recommended (specifically developed to be added to the permanent curriculum of the M.Eng.ME program):
Coming soon.

ME 400. Energy Conversion Systems*
ME 403. Internal Combustion Engines
ME 404. Intermediate Thermodynamics
ME 410. Intermediate Gas Dynamics*
ME 411. Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer*
ME 412. Numerical Thermo-Fluid Mechs
ME 420. Intermediate Heat Transfer*
ME 431. Mechanical Component Failure*
ME 432. Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
ME 471. Finite Element Analysis*
ME 472. Introduction to Tribology
ME 487. MEMS-NEMS Theory & Fabrication
ME 501. Combustion Fundamentals*
ME 502. Thermal Systems
ME 523. Nanoscale Energy Transport
ME 546. Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
TAM 541. Mathematical Methods*
TAM 542. Mathematical Methods II
TAM 574. Adv Finite Element Methods

Detailed course descriptions can be found using the University of Illinois Course Explorer.