TAM 559

TAM 559 - Atomistic Solid Mechanics

Fall 2021

Atomistic Solid MechanicsTAM559ASM74505LEC41300 - 1450 T R  447 Altgeld Hall Harley T Johnson

Official Description

Fundamental concepts in solid mechanics, including measures of stress, strain, and displacement, as well as principles of equilibrium, compatibility, and constitutive theory, all derived from an atomistic perspective; atomistic considerations in treatment of simple boundary value problems. Virial stress theorem, classical and quantum based potential energy functionals, energy minimization algorithms for molecular statics, and principles of molecular dynamics. Atomistic treatment of dislocation theory and fracture mechanics. Survey of current mechanics literature and introduction to open-source atomistic modeling software. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. Prerequisite: TAM 451 OR TAM 551.